Veiled Chameleon Care Sheet

veiled chameleon care guide

The Veiled chameleon are not pets that new reptile owners should consider taking on as their first reptile pet, as they require a lot of care and maintenance. You will need to do a lot of research before you decide to get one.

There are things that you will need to consider with regard to their care and upkeep. So we’ve compiled a veiled chameleon care sheet that will hopefully address all your questions about how to properly care for your reptile.

Here’s a list of what you will find in this article:

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A Simple Bearded Dragon Care Sheet for Beginners

bearded dragon care guide

Bearded Dragons (sometimes called Beardies by owners of the little guys) are adorable, curious, and cheerful choices for a reptilian pet! Whenever you’re thinking about getting a new, more exotic pet, it’s always important to make sure you have the best information on how to care for it.

Reptiles are extremely rewarding pets, but they require some very particular care – much like a dog or cat – and you need to make sure you satisfy your pet’s basic needs. So, in this article, we are going to walk you through a thorough Bearded Dragon care sheet: all of the essential information you need to know about taking the best possible care of your new pet.

We will look at necessary tank size, decorations and furnishings, dietary needs, and what kinds of play and exercise is best for your Bearded Dragon. To find out all this information and more, read on below!

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What You Should Know About Pet Chameleons

Contributed by Allison Banks
The Chameleon Information Network

This is ONLY a fact sheet! Its purpose is to explain the bare minimum of what a pet chameleon will need to survive. Chameleons are interesting and specialized animals, so you must do some reading before taking one home as a new pet. Wild populations are threatened by over-collecting, so any animals we take for pets deserve respect and good care. Ask your pet store to hold one you think you want, read this free leaflet, and decide if a chameleon is right for you and your family. Please see the back cover of this leaflet for more information sources.

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Ball Python Care Sheet

ball python care sheet

by Sandy AllenĀ  (President Toledo Herpetological Society) Originally Published in The Cold Blooded News, V24: 5, May, 1997 Basic Facts Common Name Royal Python (ball python) Scientific Name Python regius Origin Africa Size Length: 3-5 feet (record >6 feet) Lifespan (Captive) 20 – 30 years (record – 47 years) Range West and Central Africa from … Read more

Rainbow Boa Care Sheet

rainbow boa care sheet

by Eileen Underwood and Rebecca Sobol Originally Published in The Cold Blooded News, V24: 4, Apr., 1997. General Rainbow boas are so named because of the iridescent sheen imparted by microscopic ridges on their scales which act like prisms to refract light into rainbows. They can be found from Costa Rica through central South America … Read more

Rosy Boa Care Sheet

by Eileen Underwood and Matt Smith Originally Published in The Cold Blooded News, V24: 6, Jun, 1997. General The rosy boa, Lichanura trivirgata, is one of only two boas found in the United States. Because of their gentle disposition and moderate size rosy boas make excellent pets. The rosy boa is a small boa, ranging … Read more