The Colorado Herpetological Society

As a nonprofit organization started in 1972, the Colorado Herpetological Society (CHS) has been sharing information and detailed guides regarding the reptiles and amphibians that share life throughout this great state.

The CHS really is a passion project and has been right from day one. They’re staffed by volunteers with no financial consideration whatsoever given to individuals for their service or their participation,

The CHS are funded exclusively from donations and support they received from the Colorado community. They aim to make sure that they are always providing a valuable resource to the students and enthusiasts of Colorado’s herpetological world.

The CHS are most famous for their guide to the Amphibians and Reptiles of Colorado.

This detailed and continuously updated reference guide breaks down all of the species of amphibians and reptiles people are most likely to encounter when exploring the state.

The guide includes information that helps you identify amphibians & reptiles in Colorado, where you are most likely to find them, color photographs, and so much more.

The information contained within will help people better understand these animals. Still, they also give those interested a better chance to find and discover these amphibians and reptiles while adventuring throughout Colorado, too.

This online resource can be referenced while in the field, too. This is possible thanks to it being available completely online from all internet-enabled mobile devices.

Besides that, you will find detailed information about other popular reptile species on their website, such as bearded dragons, leopard, and crested geckos, corn snakes, ball pythons,… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Best of all, the Colorado Herpetological Society are always updating the guide with new information and data. This is a living, growing, and evolving guide that is continually being refreshed with new details.